As Christians at Bristol Road Baptist Church, we have found that the Bible is good news. The good news is that God made us and loves us so much. Even when we do wrong and go our own way instead of trusting  him (this is what the Bible calls ‘sin’), because he loves us he wants to put things right again. He did this by sending his only Son, Jesus, to show us how to live properly, and the Bible tells us that when Jesus died, it was to take the punishment for our wrongdoing –selfishness – which took us away from God in the first place. To be a Christian means to say sorry for going away, and to come back and follow God’s good way. But because Jesus hadn’t done anything wrong Himself , God then raised Him from the dead. So even death was defeated! The Bible says that those who believe and trust in God will have new and eternal life. That’s good news!

One day Jesus will come back from heaven, and everyone will see Him. Those who accepted him will be with him forever. So we want to be ready, and help others to be ready too.

But our faith is not just about the future. It gives us contentment, peace and direction in our lives today.  Jesus put it simply: ‘I have come so they may have life, and have it to the full’ (John’s gospel chapter 10).

In church and community, we want to enjoy the life God has given us, and we’d like you to do that with us. We would love to see you at our events or meetings. Do feel  welcome to come and join us.  Or if you’ve never really thought ‘Church’ was for you, perhaps this web site will help you to think again!

Malcolm Pitt