Sermons on YouTube.   (Read all steps before clicking on any links)

To find any sermon clips on YouTube done for Bristol Road Baptist Church, open a new search engine (e.g, Chrome, safari or Firefox).

Type or click

or Click on

In search or magnifying glass type    Bristol Road Baptist Church

Click on the Orange circle with white B inside

Click on playlists

There should be a clip that has a number in it (e.g, 27 to show how many clips are available)

When you hover over it it says PLAY ALL.

Click there and it will open and play the latest clip uploaded, and down the right side of the screen showing all the clips that are available. 

Click on the one you want to watch or View Full Playlist and click the clip you want to watch.

This guideline may be different for mobile’s, tablets or PC’s but I hope it helps.